Seed Thoughts


10 December is Human Rights Day, the anniversary of 10 December 1948 when the U.N. General Assembly meeting in Paris, proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since that day, World Citizens, united in the Association of World Citizens ( take pride in our contribution to the growth of a universal human rights movement. This struggle for the respect of all human rights transcends all frontiers. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights gives us a base for a universalistic ethic, one that includes all humanity. Thus we share a common destiny. Your help in this effort is most welcome!



12月10日是人權日, 即1948年12月10日聯合國大會在巴黎舉行的周年會議上宣佈的《世界人權宣言》。自那一天以來, 世界公民總會 ( 團結在一起, 為我們對普遍人權運動的發展所作的貢獻感到自豪。為尊重所有人權而進行的鬥爭超越了所有邊界。《世界人權宣言》為我們提供了一個普遍倫理的基礎, 其中包括全人類。因此, 我們有著共同的命運。您在這項工作中的説明是最受歡迎的!


Today, there is an upsurge of a great evolutionary wave for the fulfillment of humanity on earth. The Association of World Citizens ( has always stood for a simple yet powerful idea: that humanity must think of itself as one society. Therefore, we must unite in developing the basic policies needed to advance peace with justice. Your cooperation is most welcome!


今天, 人類在地球上實現了巨大成就的進化浪潮世界公民( 一直主張一個簡單而有力的想法: 人類必須把自己看成一個社會。因此, 我們必須團結起來, 制定必要的基本政策, 以促進和平與正義。您的合作是最受歡迎的!


The Association of World Citizens ( affirms human oneness. We are members of the great human family. Our destiny is bound to that of all our fellow humans. We live in harmony with Nature. The achievements of women and men throughout the ages are our common heritage. What we jointly create today is our gift to future generations. Your cooperation is most welcome.


世界公民總會 ( 肯定了人類的統一性。我們是偉大的人類大家庭的成員。我們的命運註定要與我們所有的人類同胞息息相關。我們與大自然和諧共處。古往今來, 婦女和男子的成就是我們的共同遺產。我們今天共同創造的是我們對子孫後代的恩賜。您的合作是最受歡迎的。


The Association of World Citizens ( joins in cooperative action to advance human fellowship through mutual trust and understanding. We help to develop a cosmopolitan, humanist world society. As world citizens, we choose to work for wholeness, harmony, and creativity. Your cooperation is most welcome.


世界公民總會 ( 加入合作行動, 通過相互信任和理解促進人的友誼。我們説明發展一個世界性的, 人文主義的世界社會。作為世界公民, 我們選擇為整體、和諧和創造性而工作。您的合作是最受歡迎的。



The Association of World Citizens ( highlights the inclusiveness of the world society. We work on creating a life which meets the basic needs of all. We seek to safeguard the delicate balance of the natural environment and to develop the world's resources for the common good. The Association of World Citizens has taken a lead in the promotion of a coordinated world food policy with an emphasis on the important role of the small-scale farmer to overcome persistent poverty and ecological degradation.
The Association of World Citizens stresses that as we develop a world consciousness, we see the need to improve the standard of living of all humanity while, at the same time, safeguarding the natural environment. This planet is our home, and humanity our family. Life on earth is an interconnected web. A healthy, balanced ecosystem, including human and non-human inhabitants, must maintain diversity. Your cooperation is most welcome.
Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens

界公民會強調,隨著我們發展世界意識,我們認為有必要提高全人類的生活水平,同時保護自然環境。這個地球是我們的家園,人類是我們的家庭。地球上的生命是一個相互聯繫的網絡。一個健康、平衡的生態系統, 包括個人和非人類的居民, 必須保持多樣性。 你合作是最受歡迎。


The Association of World Citizens ( affirms the need for quality education, world wide, that will combat ignorance, prejudice, hatred and narrow nationalism. We need education that will overcome the fears that many feel of the unknown. Education is the best way to foster a culture of peace. Narrow nationalist education is an important cause of the political discord on our planet. People with a limited, nationalist vision can only produce limited, nationalistic results.


The Association of World Citizens knows that communication is essential to all organizations with a vision and a message. We are stirred by hope, compassion, and a vision of a cosmopolitan, humanist world society. We need to bring the results of our work to a wide variety of audiences. Every Citizen of the World is an ambassador of ideas and values. Your cooperation is most welcome.


世界公民總會 ( 申明, 必須在世界範圍內進行高品質的教育, 以打擊無知、偏見、仇恨和狹隘的民族主義。我們需要教育來克服許多人對未知事物的恐懼感。教育是培養和平文化的最佳途徑。狹隘的民族主義教育是我們這個星球上政治不和的重要原因。有限的民族主義視野的人只能產生有限的民族主義的結果。


世界公民總會知道, 交流對於所有組織來說都是有遠見和資訊的。我們被希望、同情心和一個世界性的人文主義世界社會的願景所激起。我們需要把我們的工作成果帶給各種各樣的觀眾。世界上每個公民都是思想和價值觀的代言人。您的合作是最受歡迎的。